Daryl Vincent

Actor, Writer, Game Designer

Sony Pictures Television-backed initiative: Creative Corridor wrap-up

I recently wrapped up the Transatlantic Creative Corridor initiative by Sony Pictures Television in conjunction with Roadmap Writers.

Fourteen screenplays were chosen as the best: Seven from the USA and the UK each. My TV pilot for “Brighter Views” was among them, which made me a Selected Writer for the programme representing the UK.

The programme was run by Producers Charlotte Knowles & Tolu Stedford, who are now with Story Compound, and was hugely supported by Writer Sasha Damjanowski and TV Executive Stacey Carr.

We concluded our programme with a night where we gave a talk at the Sony Pictures’ head office in London, with invited guests from Merman Films, Sky TV, Fable, Eleven Films, and of course Sony Pictures themselves. In the last phase of our programme, we have pitched our projects to various executives.


(Note: At the time of the programme, my name was Vincent Gwyn, and publications will have referred to me as such.)



by Daryl Vincent