Daryl Vincent

Actor, Writer, Game Designer

Daryl Vincent

Daryl Vincent just finished playing JOE in the second run of Koffin Productions’ Bunker Buddies. (Director: Ronja Siljander, Writer: Dísa Andersen, Photos: Ewa Ferdynus)

Daryl Vincent (formerly “Vincent Gwyn”) is an actor and writer with a flair for novel ways to explore stories. He is a selected writer for the transatlantic Creative Corridor initiative backed by Sony Pictures Television.

He brought laughs as Dracula in his short story Garlic Allergy on stage and screen (view here) and holds a degree in Digital Film Production from Ravensbourne, a top UK creative university.

Before chasing his dreams of acting and writing, Vincent worked on the twice-BAFTA nominated Final Fantasy XIV, a video game awarded for its rich storytelling and characters.

Vincent is currently working on new projects. Get in touch here.

Selected writer for Creative Corridor by IFT & Sony Pictures. Read more: Sony-Backed Writers’ Initiative Creative Corridor Sets Cohort – Deadline